January 7, 2023

Linklater and Improv Exercises

ActBroward Group Shot on December 17, 2022

On January 7, 2023, ActBroward and their partner, Not Your Average Theater Group, invited their members to the Soref Jewish Community Center of Plantation. At the meeting, several writers and directors introduced themselves to the group, as well as many actors.

ActBroward’s Director, Ed Casas, talked about how stress and tension could negatively impact an actor’s performance on stage and film. Mr. Casas then engaged the group in breathing and tension release exercises inspired by Kristin Linklater, the martial arts, and relaxations techniques.

Mr. Casas also discussed the importance of child-like imagination to the actors, followed by improvisation object work with a “found object”. Mr. Casas provided a random prop (a brass mug) and then asked the participants to tell the group an invented story about the object that involved a fictional personal connection to the prop in the hopes of igniting the actor’s imagination and hone their improvisational skills.

During the meeting Mr. Casas spoke of the importance of an actor having at least two monologues at their disposal for use at auditions.

The meeting concluded with a birthday celebration of the group’s lead actor, Amedeo Falgiatore.